Chairman’s Message

At OGPS, Greater Noida, It has been our constant endeavor to provide a platform to students as well as teacher to voice their opinion from and also exhibit and appreciate in note talent we firmly believe that teaching is the unraveling of the mysteries of the world around us by un- locking the creative potential of young inquisitive minds. It is our aim to make the quest for knowledge a life –long passion for every student, to encourage every child a deep sense of living valued and loved, So that he may share the joy of being with all the meets. All the activities academic and co-curricular- that are organized in OGPS are geared towards realizing the goals to become a disciplined citizen. At OGPS, we avail an aura of positivity and good enounce, so that the teaching staff can transfer the same aura with dignity in an aesthetic manner to the children. I wish that we would always generate this kind of enthew among all to continue the process of learning and teaching.
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts”.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar (Advocate)

Founder Chairman

Managing Director’s Message

"Life is always open to the road that we choose to be our own.”
The establishment of O.G.P.S. and its success is also a product of the determination and decision taken in the past. Today’s life is full of competition at every step at all levels. Whether it is for the institution, the students or the teachers. So becoming “better than the best” should be today’s moto. Keeping this moto in view. We are trying to give our students a conscious choice of making themselves stand out among the crowd through positive words, action and character.
We are not only supposed to do what we have done in the past rather we have to take new resolution and face challenges. We all have to take Oxford Green to the greatest heights and as Oxford Green becomes stronger we all shall also be stronger. I thank all the staff students and all the well wishers of Oxford Green and congratulate them for the success which we have achieved.

Madam Nutan
(Managing Director )

Principal’s Message

Welcome to yet another successful academic year. Successful, mainly because we have seen a deeply enriching response to redefining our limits in all spheres of the teaching and learning experience, be it curricula, assessment, new teachers or new students who have been the end beneficiaries. It is indeed an honour for me as Principal, to be at the service of our parent and student community in these exciting times. Real life application of knowledge and skills has been the hallmark
of the education revolution at Oxford Green Public School.
Life is a succession of moments, with each energized day bearing its own gifts. To know how to untie the ribbons and live each one in the pursuit of excellence is to succeed. Our motto `Excellence in Education' is a resounding echo to this very purpose and to which every OGPS’an devotes himself to. Excellence is not simply an objective but a fulfilling journey in which every member of the OGPS community strives to enable students to grow and blossom into responsible, global citizens. We have seen ample evidence of cross-culture exposure and internationalism in classrooms and outside in the year that has gone by. The caring and sensitized ethos at OGPS has helped our students evolve into caring and achieving members of society. We cannot teach goodness as we would a quadratic equation. We can but be facilitators in this process, nudging and coaxing students and help steer their
development. We do not expect them to just know, but to experience, to not just be a trail but a path blazer in their endeavours.
The world of education has acknowledged our triumph in this effort by ranking us 22 nd country wide and 4 th in the Western Zone as per a survey conducted by IMRB, India's pioneer and most respected market research organisation. It is with pride then that we see ourselves as a premier global educational centre that provides a balanced holistic curriculum embodying all that is international in our very own local environment. Our students are facilitated in interacting not only with international leaders in education but also with our very own talented, professionally developed providers in education. The stage is set, the props are ready and our students are perched like fledgling birds, eager to grow and reach out to even more enriching and spiritual heights. We lend the platform and work hard backstage to applaud them in all their activities and be with them, behind them and around
them. We celebrate and rejoice in their success and ours as we create a niche for ourselves in the field of education. We believe as John Dewey (1859-1952), the American education reformer believes, that 'Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself.