Education Director’s Message

Education Director’s Message

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask, what you can do for your country’    John F. Kennedy

Educational process has to be dynamic so as to absorb and keep abreast with all the changes that are taking place in the field of Science, humanities and teaching methodology. We impart holistic education with traditional methods blended with the modern developments to retain balance. Dear students, three traits are required to live with honour and be successful in life i.e. character, courage and competence. To imbibe these qualities one should have clarity and confidence. Confidence is a necessary ingredient for success. The more self confidence you have the more you will try to do something. It is an attitude that allows you do be positive and accept your failures as stepping stones to success. Be true to yourself and learn to value yourself. Inculcating integrity, honesty, ethics, conscience, loyalty, mental toughness, courage, consistency, humility and commitment in our lives will bring happiness and harmony. Students, propel yourself into action with a clean direction. Equip yourself with all the qualities to handle real life situations.

                  WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST

Sudha Bhatia

(Education Director)